Join the Prelove Revolution
Exclusive Preloved South Asian Couture
Join the Prelove Revolution
Exclusive Preloved South Asian Couture

How It Works

  • 1. Browse Saritoria and find your dream outfit
  • 2. Buy Now or Make an Offer
  • 3. Checkout
  • 4. Saritoria takes care of Authentication and Quality Control
  • 5. Saritoria delivers the outfit to you.

We offer a unique negotiation process to our community.

Through the Make an Offer function, you can make an offer for your favourite outfit at up to 30% below the selling price. So, if you see a lehenga that you love for £100 you can offer as low as £70 for it.

After you make an offer, the seller has 48 hours to respond with:

  • A. Accept
  • B. Decline
  • C. Counter-Offer

If your offer is accepted, you have 24 hours to place your order at the agreed price.

The make an offer process is fun and you may just find a huge bargain. The best part is that the choice is completely yours.

Once you've purchased an outfit the timeline is as follows:

The Seller delivers the outfit to Saritoria within 7 days

The outfit goes through Saritoria's authentication and quality control process, this typically takes 1-2 days

We deliver the outfit to you 5 days after it's been Authenticated

Good sizing is everything when it comes to South Asian fashion.

This is why we provide you with a full range of measurement information for every Outfit that is listed on our platform.

  • – Shoulders
  • – Bust
  • – Hip
  • – Waist
  • – Length

For Bottoms, the following measurements are given:

  • – Waist
  • – Hip
  • – Length

To make your Buyer journey more convenient we have also created filters to allow you to search by your specific sizing needs.

And for any remaining questions you can always ask questions direct to Sellers on the Comments section for outfits that you like!

The Saritoria community is made up of individual sellers.

If you received an outfit that is different to what you expected or you change your mind, then that’s no problem. You can relist the outfit on Saritoria, free of charge for up to 48 hours after receiving it. Currently, it is not possible to return items.

We take Authentication very seriously at Saritoria. All outfits on Saritoria go through a rigorous authentication process.

This starts with Screening each outfit before it even gets listed on our platform.

After you purchase your outfit, it is first sent to Saritoria where it undergoes a comprehensive authentication process consisting of multiple steps. Our authentication process is built on decades of experience working with South Asian designers and includes an in-depth look at all embroidery, thread work, stitching, labels, lining, finishing, packaging and fabric use.

A transaction is only complete once your outfit has been authenticated and given the Saritoria Seal.

If the outfit you purchased doesn’t pass our authentication process, then you will be refunded 100% of your payment.

Read more about the Saritoria Seal here

Our quality control goes beyond authentication.

For every outfit that you purchase on Saritoria, our in-house team of experts conducts a thorough inspection of the quality of all items and confirms that any faults are limited to what was stated on the product description.

Again, it is only after quality control is passed that the transaction is complete, and your outfit gets delivered to you.

If there are any additional faults detected in the quality control process then the transaction is halted and we contact both the Buyer and the Seller describing the faults. We aim to give both sides the opportunity to strike a deal by renegotiating the sale at a lower price.
However, the transaction will only be completed when both sides have agreed. If the Seller doesn’t agree, then that’s not an issue, you will be refunded 100% of your payment for the outfit.